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Transport in London

Urban Transportation

London is a very easy city to navigate by public transportation. There are several options to choose from to get around the city, and you can use your debit or credit card equipped for contactless technology to pay for your fare.


The Subway

Known as the “tube” to locals, the subway system runs in a crisscross pattern underneath the city with stops near all of the major sights. If you are traveling during the morning or evening rush hours (8:00-10:00 a.m. and 4:00-6 p.m.), it may be difficult to get a seat. The cost depends on the time of day and how far you wish to travel on one or more of the city’s 12 subway lines.



The tube is the fastest way to get around London, but the city’s distinctive red buses are the better choice for sightseeing — especially from the upper deck! You can’t use cash to buy bus tickets the bus. Use your Travel card; there are no zones for bus travel. Children under age 11 travel for free.


Commuter Trains

Along with its subway system, London also has a suburban commuter rail system. The amount you pay is determined by the stations you travel through. Travel cards and Oyster cards are accepted as payment, and you can also purchase tickets at all rail stations.


Fare Zones

The underground system is divided into nine fare zones, radiating from the center of town. When you’re thinking about what to do in London, keep in mind that the vast majority of attractions and hotels are located in zones 1 and 2.


Rather than paying cash, you can save money by purchasing a travel card. They are valid unlimited rides on the same type of transportation for a set time. Depending on the length of your stay, you can buy a Travelcard for one day, seven days, one month and one year durations. Travelcards are available at underground stations (including one at Heathrow Airport) and railway ticket offices.

Oyster cards are refillable electronic tickets that are good for all forms of public transit in London. They can be used on the underground (subway), buses commuter trains and river. Oyster cards are available from newsagents, neighborhood stores and ticket offices. You can also buy an Oyster card online and have it delivered to your home before you leave for your trip.

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